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Degas Sculptures
Paris 1900
Palazzo Barberini, Rome Decorative Arts
Roman Gold - Treasures from the Cini-Alliata Collection
Georgia O'Keeffe: Visions of the Sublime
Jazz Age
From Warhol to Frankenthaler
Latin American Drawings: A-Z Madeira Collection
Conquest of Latin American Art Fundación Daniela Chappard
Parisian Worlds of Alexandre Charpentier Sculpture, Theater, Art Nouveau
Toulouse-Lautrec and the French Imprint
Japonisme -  Japanese Spirit in Turn-of-the-Century French Art
Crèche 18th-century nativity scenes from Naples and the Campania region
Impressionism and the American West
TEMPTATIONS of St. Anthony XV- XIX Centuries
American Anthem Butler Institute of American Art
Raphael Soyer - Social Realism
Eclipse of Classicism 1890-1940
Childe Hassam - Impressions
Calabrian Masterworks XIV - XVII Centuries
Van Gogh - The Late Years
American Realism (Janss Collection)
Corot to Kandinsky Juntos Actuando Foundation
Museo Nacional de San Carlos Masterworks

Research Projects

Marvin D. Cone (1891-1965) Catalogue Raisonné (Chronology, Paintings)
Grant Wood (1891-1942) Catalogue Raisonné (Chronology, Oil Sketches Prints,
    Essay - Revolt Against the City [c. 1935])
Charles E. Burchfield (1893-1967) Catalogue Raisonné Prints
Chicago Society of Etchers 1912-1955 Catalogue Raisonné
Woodcut Society 1932-1952 Catalogue Raisonné
Prairie Printmakers 1931-1965 Catalogue Raisonné
Bertha E. Jaques (1863-1941) Catalogue Raisonné
Arthur B. Davies (1862-1928) Catalogue Raisonné
Gerald K. Geerlings (1897-1998) Catalogue Raisonné
John Steuart Curry (1897-1946) Catalogue Raisonné Lithographs
American Landscape Tradition
Poster Art in Poland 1899-1970
James Swann (1905-1985) Catalogue Raisonné Prints
Carroll Cloar (1913-1993) Catalogue Raisonné Paintings and Prints
Childe Hassam, Associated American Artists

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